T R Roofing’s guide to roof surveys

With over 30 years in the roofing trade T R Roofing our roofers Bath have surveyed literally hundreds of roofs across Bath and Bristol and we’ve seen it all. A good roof survey will save you both time and money and potentially allot of stress in later life. We survey roofs for home owners, buyers, insurance companies and building societies.

Roof repairs Bath

The first question we get asked is should I have my roof surveyed if I am buying a house, and the answer is absolutely yes! You prevent a whole heap of trouble and heartache later on in life; we cannot stress the value of a detailed roof survey when purchasing a new home. This can be done either in two parts where you can get a complete home buyers survey or a separate roofing survey. Our expert team of roofers Bath can completely itemized roof survey on any property with the owner’s permission.

Although there is a small charge associated with the cost of having a roof survey completed the long term savings are priceless. On the vast majority of roofs we survey there will be some work that needs to be carried out whether in order to keep the roof in a serviceable condition. This could be something as simple as blocked gutters something more serious such as a structural issues with the roof itself. Our team of roofers Bath engineers can carry out this roof survey from as little as £150 for the averaged terraced house. This would include roof coverings, rainwater systems, internal roof structures and flat roofing surveys. Last year the average cost of roof repairs in the UK was £200 to £300, so at the time of purchasing a new home with the correct negotiation this survey and repair could actually be free!

The other major question we get asked about during our roof surveys is will a standard roof survey find all roof problems? Over the years we have seen some downright diabolical roof surveys, where an inspection has only taken place at ground level. Our roofers Bath team of surveyors will inspect your roof at the correct height as well as the interior roof cavity inspecting gaps and will your surveyor go into your roof wearing his suit?

What will my roof survey tell me? Our comprehensive roof surveys will tell you the age of roof coverings and roughly how long we expect them to last. We check ridge tiles and the condition of your mortar. Our expert roofers bath check all guttering and rainwater systems, check for leaking joints and unions and identify any blockages. A common area for repair is the valleys and gulley’s of your roof that can develop fatigue splits, and mortar can begin to wear away we always makes sure to check these areas of your roof first.

Chimney stacks are well known areas for repair and chimney flaunching and flashing can come worn over time, our roofers Bath team of engineers conducting this survey will be checking this and more and every tour. Flat roofs can be checked for soft spots and the age of the roof.

If you are in doubt regarding the safety of your roof simply pick up the phone and call T R Roofing today for a free no obligation consultation. We are happy to help on projects big and small so call us today for a free no obligation quote.

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T R Roofing’s guide to the lifespan of your roof by roofers Bristol

Without understanding what affects the lifespan of your roof it’s very easy to forget about your roof and the fact your roof is one of the most important parts of your home. The first rule to establishing the life of your roof is to understand that the material your roof is made from will affect the lift of it the most. Our Roofers Bristol has put down a rough guide to different materials below, although these are just averages;

Concrete Tiles will last 35 to 50 years, whereas asphalt shingles can last anywhere from 15 years to 30 depending on how they were installed. Metal (Galvalume) roofs can last up to 45 years but have very high material costs. Bitumen and EPDM can last from 10 to 16 years making them very short lived and GRP fibreglass roofs can last well over 35 years making them ideal for most homes.

As we hope you will understand these averages are based on average weather conditions. There are many other factors that can dramatically affect the life of your roof and these include the colour of your roof. Yes believe it or not our roofers Bristol have noticed over the last 30 years that if you have a darker roof, your roof absorbs more heat and in the long term this can shorted the lifespan of your roof.

The angle on the slope of your roof can also have a dramatic impact on the life of your roof a steeper pitch roof will force more water off it at a quicker rate thus preventing standing water penetrating the roof membrane. This will increase the life of your room along with the orientation to your roof. Our expert roofers Bristol have put together repair quotes or more south facing roofs than any other orientation as we have found these roofs absorb more sunlight.

The other very obvious contributing factor to the life of your roof is going to be the quality of the roof material used at the time the roof was installed. Cheaper more economical roof materials will have a shorter life span. This is also true for the installation of the roof, our team of roofers Bristol engineers have visiting many roofs where the installation has been rushed or no care at all has been taken to ensure the roof is watertight. This will allow moisture into the roof cavity and dramatically undermine the life of the roof.

Ventilation is also an important factor when considering how long your roof might last, a poorly ventilated roof space will allow moisture and condensation to build up and thus undermine the support your structure gives to your roof. Our roofers Bristol see this time and time again in older properties. Finally the most obvious factor that can affect the life of your roof is the weather! Harsh weather can compromise the integrity of your roof and allow moisture to seep into the predictive membrane; the drop of in the life of your roof from this point is astonishing.

If you think you have been affected by these or any other factors that may have affected the life of your roof then call T R Roofing and our roofers Bristol can provide you with free no obligation survey on your roof today.

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Flat roofing Bath – Why you shouldn’t pressure wash your roof!

There are many ways to clean a roof. You could hand-scrub the surface. You could use one of the many cleaning agents available in the market. You could use pressure washing as well. Every method has its merits and demerits. You have to pick the best approach to clean your roof. Else, you could risk damaging your roof and some methods are less effective so the cleaning exercise would be futile. T R Roofing Bath understand how difficult picking the right cleaning method can be so if you are looking for a flat roofing Bath expert cleaning guide, whether you have flat roofing in Bath or a sloped roof. After much research many roofers are now taking the stance that pressure washing flat roofing is not best way to clean your roof and it can have some serious consequences. The pitfalls of pressure washing hard surfaces like concrete was written about in article by the PCAA which is the American Cement Manufacturers association. There article on The Perils of Powerwashing highlighted how powwerwasing can affect building materials on a microscopic level, and the same is true for your roof! Here are the reasons why you shouldn’t pressure wash your roof.

  • First of all, pressure washing is not uniformly effective for all roofs. Flat roofing in Bath and sloped roofing cannot be cleaned with the same pressures. Too low a pressure and you wouldn’t be able to clean the roof. Too high a pressure and you would damage your roof. It is best not to use pressure washing without any professional help. Consider hiring a roofer to get it done if you must opt for pressure washing.
  • Pressure washing has some very significant demerits. One, it can exert more pressure on the roof than what the material can endure. Every roofing material has a threshold. You don’t want to cross that. If you do, then you could damage the material. Parts of the roof may wear out, they could be visibly damaged and you may even have parts coming out or protruding. Two, you may cause punctures in your roof. Three, you could cause leaks or facilitate the cause of leaks. A roof that is a tad fragile or is already vulnerable to leaks will easily start to leak when you apply too much pressure. It is best to not go with pressure washing altogether. Four, there is every possibility that the pressure of the water will damage the coatings, if you have any. Most roofs have weather shields or some kind of coating protecting it against ultraviolet rays and weather extremes. If you have this coating come off, then your roof will look visibly changed and it would lose the protection.
  • Pressure washing can open up the seams, facilitate blow-offs and can also lead to damage caused by moisture. It is best to avoid pressure washing if you have flat roofing in Bath since it would be vulnerable to moisture buildup.

Hire a roofer to clean your flat roofing in Bath and opt for less invasive cleaning or washing methods. If you are interested in this or any of the services that T R Roofing Bath provide then visit our contact page or call us on 01225 448 017 or 07904194532. We are flat roofing Bath experts and are able to provide you with a free no obligation estimate on all roofing contracts.

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