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T R Roofing Bath are one of the region’s leading roofing contractors and we specialise in fiberglass roofing systems for both domestic and commercial customers. GRP Fibreglass roofing is a roofing material for the future and it really is changing the world of flat roofing as we speak. It has some fantastic properties that make it a really great roofing material and we would advise that if you are looking at getting a new flat roof that you take a serious look at fibreglass roofing as your choice.

Fibreglass roofs are highly fire resistant as well as being completely water tight. They are laid as one uniform material and this means there are no creases or joins for water to try and find its way down and into the membranes below. It can also be laid quickly with little or no need to the traditional methods such as heating materials to high temperatures or having to lay multiple layers to ensure a water tight roof surface.

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Fibreglass roofing is also a great material for walkways where there is likely to be foot traffic as it does have material to come away under foot and its incredibly strong. Our roofer’s regular git fiberglass roofs to homes across bath on balconies or extension and as long as the roof has been cleared as being strong enough to support the weight of people on top created a balcony area from nothing.

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Our roofers in Bath also love fibreglass as it is a naturally forgiving material. It will move slowly over time with as your home moves and settles into the foundations. This is great because it means cracks will not develop in the roof and this adds life to the overall roof system. Most fibreglass roofs have life expectancies of anywhere from 25 to 30 years or even more! Our roofers rarely get called to repairs on fibreglass roofs and when we do because their material is resilient they are very easy to repair and can be done in no time at all.

Fibreglass roofs are long term cost effective solution to flat roofing and compared to some of the more traditional roofing methods such as asphalt they are having many clear advantages. At T R Roofing Bath, we have a good local knowledge of that roofing market in Bath and can recommend to hoe owners or businesses if a fibreglass roof would be suitable for your property. Commercial properties will especially benefit from a fiberglass roof as with such a larger area to cover often it can be difficult to find a good roofing material to cover the whole roof area, but this isn’t the case with fibreglass roofs.

If you are interested in T R Roofing fitting a fibreglass to your property in Bath or Bristol pick up the gone or visit our contact page for more information on this or any of our roofing services.

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